Checkers Game

How to play Checkers :

You are Whites.

Your pawns move diagonally. If one of your pawns, a black pawn and a empty square are aligned, then you can jump over the black pawn and take it.

As soon as a player lost all his pawns or cannot move any more, the game is finished.



The Checkers game :

The Checkers game (or Draughts) is played by two players on a 8x8 chess-board.
Only the dark squares are used (the clear squares are never used).

The players take place on both sides. A player plays with the dark pawns, and the other with the clear pawns.
The players move their pawns in turn, diagonally from a square to another.
When a player jumps over a pawn of his opponent, they take this pawn.


The pawns are flat and round and, usually, black and beige. The darker pawns are always called the "blacks" and the clearest pawns are always called the "whites".
There are two types of pawns: simple pawns and Kings. A King is made by piling up two pawns.

The starting position

Each player starts with his 12 pawns out of the three lines closest to him.

How to move

A player can move in two manners. A pawn can advance, diagonally, towards the nearest dark square.
If a pawn of the player, a pawn of the other player and an empty square are aligned, then the first player must take the pawn of the other player - the first player jumps his pawn over the pawn of the other player on the following empty box, takes the pawn of the other player and withdraws it from the game.
A player can make multiple jumps with only one pawn during his turn, if each jump makes it possible to take a new pawn from the opponent.
Sometimes a player can have two possibility of catches. In this case, it can choose which pieces to take.


If the pawn of a player reaches the last line, it becomes a King. This piece can move fowards and backwards (the normal pawns can only move forwards).

End of the game

The first player who cannot move a pawn or a King loses. Thus, if a player loses all his pawns, they lose the game.
A player can also choose to give up. If nobody can lose, the play is null.


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